Napkin Making Machine
Napkin Making Machine
YX-DC-200~400 double color printing paper napkin machine


A, double color printing embossed napkin folding machine is cutting the disk of paper after printing, embossing and automatically folded into square or rectangular shaped napkins. Is a special equipment for processing high-grade napkin with clear and bright printing, over printer accurate, high-speed operation smoothly.
 One, the main functional characteristics
 1 configuration synchronous belt drive;
 2 color printing part adopts flexo printing, flexible design can be replaced, the use of professional color printing, anilox rollers;
 3 supporting paper roller roller, pattern is obvious;
 4 electronic counter displacement output;
 5 folding plates and manipulator with folding knife cutting, after the band saw;
 6 specific specifications please specify, need to be customized.
 Two, the main technical parameters

Finished size


Finished folding size

100X100~200X200 mm

Base diameter

1100 mm

Paper core diameter

76.2 mm

Processing capacity

250-500 chip / min (depending on the model)

Printing mode

1-2 color printing

Embossing system

Steel wool roll

Counting system

Electronic counting

Equipment installed power

4.5KW (whichever is the actual model)


5200X700X1500 mm (according to the specified model actual size)

Machine weight



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