Facial Tissue Making Machine
Facial Tissue Making Machine


One, the main functional characteristics
 YX-EF-190/5L extracting facial tissue paper machine is base paper cutting knife roller shear, interactive folded into a chain of rectangular or square Kleenex. The machine adopts frequency conversion motor driven by variable frequency motor, automatic tension adjustment, automatic counting function, which has the advantages of high speed, easy to fold, easy operation, etc..
 1 configuration of pneumatic embossing, pneumatic separation (customer selected);
 2 the whole machine is a wall mounted frame, and the machine has a good stability;
 3 the paper is made of paper, stepless adjustment ratio and automatic adjustment of different paper tension;
 The 4 roots vacuum system, inspiratory capacity, stable operation;
 5 a finished product with a different width to be folded in a saw.
 6 steel to steel pressure trimming device, ensure that the double layers of kleenex;
 7 off paper automatic stop system, to avoid paper or broken paper scrap;
 8 before and after the use of traction to move the switch base, more convenient operation, more secure.
Two, the main technical parameters

Machine model


Product size


Finished size


Disc width


Base diameter


Raw paper core


Daily output (8 hours)


Embossing device

Steel to rubber roller embossing, steel wool roll embossing, steel to steel roller embossing (customer selected)

Pressure pattern

Steel to steel, independent of the air pressure

Cutting system

Pneumatic split

Use power

Host motor 5.5KW

The motor base 1.5KW (2 units)

Embossing roller motor 2.2KW (2 units)


Vacuum system

Fan 15KW

Pneumatic system

3 air compressor, at least pressure 5kg/cm2PA

Transmission system

Synchronous belt drive



Machine weight



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