Hand Towel Making Machine
Hand Towel Making Machine


One, the main function
 Folded towels machine will cut good paper towel after embossing cut, interactive folded into "n" type, use a buckle a continuous withdrawal. The products are widely used in hotels, offices and kitchen for hand rub, convenient and sanitary.
 The machine base fit and strong, folding, cutting, counting processes of development, and has the advantages of high speed, the paper neatly etc..
 Production rate: (60~100) m / min X3
 Supporting steel on steel embossing device
 Pneumatic type of automatic separation, easy to wear paper
 Adopt synchronous belt drive, transmission ratio is accurate, low noise
 Base to adapt to a wide range, 33-45g/m2 (single)
 Double layer paper composite glue (need to order)
 Two, the main technical parameters


Product size

230 (L) X230 + 2mm (other specifications need to be specified)

Size of paper


The diameter of paper core

76.2mm (in fact, the size needs to be customized)


0~100 M / min (depending on the model)

Use power

Frequency conversion motor

Programming control

PLC computer programming

Folding method

Vacuum adsorption, "N" type folding

Transmission system

Synchronous belt and flat belt drive

Counting system

Ink count

Embossing device

Steel on steel embossing

Cutting system

Pneumatic type cutting

Pneumatic system

3 air compressor, at least pressure 5kg/cm2pa (customer owned)

Total power of equipment



4000X (1700~2500) X1900mm according to the model and configuration

Machine weight

According to the model and configuration, with the actual weight


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