Rewinding Perforating Machine
Rewinding Perforating Machine
YX-TP-1575 full automatic toilet paper


One,Function and characteristics
 1 fully automatic paper tube replacement device, without manual wear paper tube, complete the complex after the automatic delivery of finished goods, immediately reset the volume, in 1 minutes can be adjusted to any one type of paper tube.
 2. Automatic trimming, spraying, sealing synchronization once completed, finished left tail of the 10-18mm paper, convenient enabled, reduce the common winder making paper tail loss, so as to reduce the cost of products.
 3 Advanced PLC programming technology. Man-machine dialogue control, production parameters of the fault screen display.
 4 high precision spiral soft knife, 4 knives with low noise, more clear, variable speed box adjustment range.
 5 three layer horizontal unwinding, pneumatic paper, pneumatic wide belt feeding, each volume paper has independent adjustment device.
 6. Embossing device, using point to point double-sided embossing system, finished the same two-sided effect, soft to the touch, pressure lines are clear and beautiful. (customer specified)
 7 before and after the use of traction to move the switch base, more convenient operation, more secure.
 Two, the main technical parameters

Applicable disc width

1750mm (other specifications, please specify)

Base diameter

1100mm (other size, please specify)

Raw paper core


Product diameter


Finished paper core diameter


Perforated pitch


Processing capacity


Parameter setting

Touch screen multi screen human machine interface operating system

Pneumatic system

3 horsepower air compressor, the minimum pressure of 5kg/cm 2Pa


Frequency conversion speed regulation 7.5KW

Backing sheet

2 or 3 layers

Back paper frame transmission

Variable speed transmission

Winding device

Core, no core



Machine weight



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